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April 23, 2018

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Western Bank recognizes that customer information is confidential and personal. As an organization, our management team takes specific steps to ensure the privacy of information about you and your account is protected. As an organization in the financial services industry, we recognize that privacy is critical and the sensitivity to protecting information is continually growing with the expansion of electronic commerce. You may count on us to protect your information with a high level of security and appropriate discretion.

Western Bank in the course of providing services to customers, collects, retains, and utilizes information about its customers where management deems it useful (and permitted by law) to further our business efforts. Information about our customers, for example, assists our staff in developing new or enhancing existing products and services, and thereafter, offering them to our customers.

Western Bank has established security standards and procedures that we feel will guard and protect customer information against unauthorized access. These controls and procedures are periodically reviewed to ensure that these practice protect confidential information. Further, management and staff are able to access personal confidential customer information only if and when they have a business reason to do so.

On certain occasions, customer information may be provided to a third party, which has provided an appropriate reason to request such information. The third party receiving such information must adhere to the privacy principles that cover such information regarding confidentiality. Information disclosures to an independent third party regarding personal, confidential information or other personally identifiable data for that entity’s specific usage is not allowed except where the exchange occurs with a reputable information-reporting agency. Information exchanges with reporting agencies are deemed important to maximize the accuracy and detail of information reported. In certain situations, information is provided as detailed in the following specific situations:

  (1) Customer requests it;
  (2) Data is provided to help complete a customer-approved transaction;
  (3) Disclosure is required by/per law or regulation (e.g., court order, investigation, or fraudulent investigation)
  (4) Customer has been informed, and has had the opportunity to approve/decline in prior written communication, the possibility of disclosure of information for marketing or similar purposes.

Personal Data Protection Principles at Western Bank

  We will only collect information, which is necessary for performing bank business on your behalf.
  When and where practical, we will collect personal information directly from you.
  We shall only use or disclose that information about you that is consistent with your directions and expectations, or is in the public interest (general banking loan and/or account relationship(s) and your performance preferred upon terms and/or conditions).
  We will ensure that information about you is accurate when we collect or use it, to the best of our capabilities.
  We will keep information confidential.

If at any time you have a concern about your information’s accuracy or security, you may contact us several ways: through e-mail at bank@wbartesia.com, or call us at (575) 748-1345, or write us at Western Bank, P.O. Drawer 500, Artesia, NM 88211-0500.

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