Western Bank Artesia is the same strong, conservative, well run community bank today that we were last week, and for the decades before. A conservative local approach to maintaining a simple banking format has always allowed Western Bank to be a leader in providing safe and sound banking services to our customers.

The financial news of the past few days does not reflect the practices of Western Bank, nor those of many of the strong community banks spread across the United States. Western Bank’s practices allowed us to be positioned to not purchase low yielding investments as a source of income during the recent economic downturn, thus enabling us to maintain a highly liquid and strong balance sheet.

We are proud of Western Bank’s history and our record. I would be glad to discuss or even review our balance sheet and/or income statement with any of you, our Western Bank Artesia customers.

Please contact me at (575) 748-1345 or (575) 308-9761 or and I would be more than happy to talk about Western Bank with you.


Kenneth W. Clayton

Chairman / CEO

Western Bank Artesia